Monday, April 21, 2014

Listen to Infrasound Made Audible by Infrasound Lab, University of Hawaii

"At the Infrasound Laboratory of the University of Hawaii, we use very sensitive microphones to listen to low-frequency sounds in the atmosphere. These sounds, known as infrasound because they are too low in frequency to be audible to the human ear, can carry through the atmosphere for thousands of kilometers."
Brief audio samples are available of infrasound emanating from volcanic activity, earthquakes and storms. These have been compressed (speeded up) so that humans can hear frequencies below the human range. Samples are available on ISLA home page and under Infrasonic Zoo.

If anyone does access the audio samples, I would appreciate comments on reactions, if any, to specific samples. Infrasound generated by an Arenal Volcano provides several of the audio recordings.

Much of the research being done in infrasound is aimed at verification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban-Treaty. I'm trying to track down scientific work on manmade infrasound and its effects on the human body. Too many articles are repeats of old conspiracy stories to be useful.

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