Friday, April 18, 2014

Possible Asperger Sensitivity to Infrasound

Infrasound is sound waves below the normal range of human hearing. Infrasound is common in nature, but additionally the environment is flooded with manmade low and high frequency sound. You know those industrial strength subwoofers that cause some of us severe pain, anger, irritation, and the urge to run away? Those effects are real.

Natural sources of infrasound - many animals can detect these low frequency sounds; a few, such as elephants, can also generate infrasound. Humans can't HEAR these long wavelengths, but they do have effects on the human nervous system and organs.

"Oobleck" is the now famous non-Newtonian fluid composed of cornstarch and water. Shown here is the Oobleck "dance" produced by infrasound from a subwoofer. I'm not claiming that infrasound has the same effect on any part of the human body. I'm using the photo to show that infrasound, even though humans can't "hear" it, has a physical existence and is part of our environment, from both natural and manmade sources. 

For a look at non-Newtonian liquids:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are Asperger's Individuals the Canaries of Toxic Human Environments?

The sensitivity of Asperger children and adults to specific sound frequencies, noise levels, chemicals, pollution and chaotic human activity is labeled a symptom of a defective brain. Really? Do dogs and cats run away at the sound of drills, saws and vacuum cleaners because their brains are defective? Do pets sneeze and hide when household cleaners are sprayed in the air because their brains are defective? Are cigarettes banned in many public places because toxic smoke is good for people? Do fish die off when fertilizer concentrations in rivers and lakes cause algal blooms that deplete oxygen in the water because fish are developmentally retarded? Do sea birds that consume plastic trash that blocks their digestive system die because they are stupid? Do turtles get caught in fishing nets and die because their brains don't 'get' human indifference to the survival of other species? Do wild animals flee humans because they just don't understand that cruelty is empathy in disguise?

Are Asperger people averse to social environments because their brain-sensory system is broken, or is it because we have more acute sensory perception, and toxic environments make us sick? 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Link to Basic Genetics and Environment

Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior
By: Michael D. Breed (Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder) & Leticia Sanchez (Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder) © 2010 Nature Education

Good grief!Advice on dealing with sensory sensitivity? Have your Asperger child wear earmuffs to dampen noises that cause distress. Better stock up - you'll need these for a lifetime of environmentally induced pain!

A characteristic common to many Asperger individuals is sensory sensitivity. The link above goes to a clear and simple discussion on how genetic make up and the environment affect animal behavior. It's a good place to begin understanding our sensory differences.

Although these sensory sensitivities are noted in articles on Asperger symptoms, there is little apparent interest in research on the actual source and nature of these noteworthy physical experiences, which Asperger individuals frequently describe. Instead, these differences are commonly written off as defects in the Asberger brain, an astounding attribution that like too many assumptions about Asperger symptoms is accepted merely on repetition.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wolf _ Dog.... Asperger_ Neurotypical?

All dogs are wolves; domestic dogs have been, and continue to be,  manipulated by humans for physical and behavioral traits we desire, tameness being the most fundamental. Evidence suggests that modern humans are also the result of selection for juvenile qualities. If so, Asperger individuals may be the developmental equivalent of wild dogs, which cannot be socialized.
Are Asperger people the equivalent of Wild Type Adult Dogs who are simply not fully domesticated?
If modern Homo sapiens is the product of domestication, might not this juvenalization apply to us, with the result that humans exhibit a range of developmental stages? Once humans were domesticated, the wild form (Asperger) of a species often becomes the object of unreasonable fear and attack. Example: the violent extermination of wolves in many parts of the world.
A chart showing stages of arrested development of domestic dog breeds compared to wild dogs, such as Coyotes and Jackals, which develop to full adulthood. Domestic dogs are the product of human selection, in which animals are intentionally retarded in a stage of juvenile development that is characterized by behavior that humans find useful. Not only is behavior arrested at various developmental stages, but the animal's physical appearance retains typical juvenile attributes. Thus domestic animals are the result of selective breeding that prevents the individual from becoming an adult. 
Not only the physical evidence for a juvenile status of modern humans is being studied, but the psychological effects also.