Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wolf _ Dog.... Asperger_ Neurotypical?

All dogs are wolves; domestic dogs have been, and continue to be,  manipulated by humans for physical and behavioral traits we desire, tameness being the most fundamental. Evidence suggests that modern humans are also the result of selection for juvenile qualities. If so, Asperger individuals may be the developmental equivalent of wild dogs, which cannot be socialized.
Are Asperger people the equivalent of Wild Type Adult Dogs who are simply not fully domesticated?
If modern Homo sapiens is the product of domestication, might not this juvenalization apply to us, with the result that humans exhibit a range of developmental stages? Once humans were domesticated, the wild form (Asperger) of a species often becomes the object of unreasonable fear and attack. Example: the violent extermination of wolves in many parts of the world.
A chart showing stages of arrested development of domestic dog breeds compared to wild dogs, such as Coyotes and Jackals, which develop to full adulthood. Domestic dogs are the product of human selection, in which animals are intentionally retarded in a stage of juvenile development that is characterized by behavior that humans find useful. Not only is behavior arrested at various developmental stages, but the animal's physical appearance retains typical juvenile attributes. Thus domestic animals are the result of selective breeding that prevents the individual from becoming an adult. 
Not only the physical evidence for a juvenile status of modern humans is being studied, but the psychological effects also.

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