Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Abracadabra" versus "Make It So"

This is the erroneous belief at the core of magic, that words have the power to create reality. Modern humans suffer from the ancient supernatural assurance that "saying" is the same as "doing." This is most obvious today in the institutional practice of stating the intention to "fix" a problem such as child poverty, but the actions taken result in...nothing. Stating intent to solve a problem is not problem solving: political statements are not based on correct analysis of the cause or causes and in practice can obscure or cancel out what might be effective strategies. The result is more laws, and the application of a modern magical remedy: money. Money is believed to solve problems, but it doesn't. The sums allotted to even minor projects have escalated over recent years into hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars, which the U.S. government doesn't have, but must borrow, and the debt is converted to funds that are "upcycled" to the wealthy. Problems become chronic, institutionalized, and falsely believed to be unsolvable.

Stymied by their own lack of clear thinking, lack of science and technical knowledge, and belief in the magical power of words, officials and experts claim that no matter how simple the problem, it is extraordinarily complex, and that more funds must be allocated to initiate more studies which merely repeat the cycle and prolong the situation. The problem is PEOPLE who cannot take the step from magic to physical reality; people who believe that the social hierarchy is the only path to results, and that those results are conditioned on the "good will" and responsible feelings of those individuals who have gained power. Can you hear me laughing? Social people cannot seem to grasp this fatal roadblock to effective analysis and action. 


The anti-magic corollary to "abracadabra" is MAKE IT SO, used by Captain Picard on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. This command is a call to action, based on the fact that the ship has been designed to perform its functions, and that the crew has been selected and trained to utilize the ship's capabilities, and then some. How ominous is it that a Sci-Fi TV show is a real model for teamwork, competence and success, while the social world spirals out of control?

How ironic, when violence against women has high social value, and is advanced and taught by the entertainment industry.

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