Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good News! New blog on Wordpress

A new blog on Wordpress /

Asperger: The HypoSocial Human

in contrast to Neurotypical: The HyperSocial Human

The new blog asks, How did we get to the present state of human development, in which a new, hypersocial human (Homo sapiens sapiens or Modern Human -  a domesticated version of Homo sapiens), which has existed a mere few thousand years, has eliminated older humans? 
Sneek peek: I explore the
Social humans gave up a lot of brain power
in exchange for the false security of 
supernatural beliefs. 
 possibility that Asperger individuals retain legacy brain functions that were common for 95% of human history, prior to the Agricultural Revolution, an event that challenged and changed humans in ways far different than those that shaped early humans. Permanent settlements, a dramatic increase in population density, and dependence on labor intensive agriculture, transformed an ancient vision of seamless reality into the steep pyramid of social inequality that rules the peoples of earth today. 

Whatever happened to our wild ancestors?   

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